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Urban Monk Audio Series



This powerful 60 minute meditation track is narrated by Pedram Shojai (who has studied with meditation masters around the world) and overlaid with Holosync brainwave meditation sounds that help induce the alpha state and eases you into a deep relaxed meditative state where stress is relieved and clarity is found. Using this track regularly can really change your relationship with stress and increase Vitality. 


Another of our powerful brainwave technology tracks designed to help you focus while doing important activities. Pedram helps guide you into a relaxed yet alert state while the Holosync special music helps you concentrate and avoid distraction while getting your work or studies done. 

Deep Sleep

Another valuable audio track produced by Well.Org in partnership with Holosync technology. This track is designed to relax your mind and prepare you for a good night’s sleep. As you move into a progressive relaxation meditation with deep breathing, the soundtrack helps you ease down into a deep and peaceful state that delivers you into a good night’s sleep.

Using this track teaches you how to sleep better and is designed to train you how to go there yourself so you don’t need any tools or props to sleep after a while. 


A powerful 20 minute dive into a super-relaxed state. This is the perfect power-nap for a busy urban person. The track is designed to take you in, recharge your batteries, and bring you back to your day refreshed and recharged. Imagine taking only 20 minutes to feel full of energy again and jump back into your busy day with greater resilience and mental clarity.