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The Vitality Challenge


Our signature 30 day program designed to help you find healthy swaps in diet, exercise, sleep, and mindset. Little changes go a long way and developing better habits over time will create a tremendous win as momentum gains.

This program has videos, audio tracks, a comprehensive eBook, recipe guides, and much more. We've designed it to fully support you along your path to Vitality and, best of all, it is yours for life. Most of our students do several challenges a year and continue to take advantage of the resources, the community, and the videos.

If you're feeling tired, overwhelmed, stressed, and feel like you're tired of all the fad diets and programs, come to the light side. This program is real and gives amazing insights that'll help you develop a sane approach to better health.

The program also comes with digital access to our first two movies- Vitality and Origins...both life-changing films that can really help you find more health in your life.

We've priced it very reasonably in order to help more and more people. It's a no brainer to start The Vitality Challenge now.