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The Alchemy of Qi Gong - Volume 3 - Shaolin Alchemy


The third volume in the Alchemy of Qi Gong series takes the training to the next level.  Once we have opened up the energy flow through the Health Qi Gong in Volume One and tapped into our internal power in Volume Two, we are now ready to integrate these practices and really delve into the Body-Mind connection of Shaolin zen training. This third DVD helps the student direct their power internally so that they can cleanse, liberate, and consolidate their vital energy.

The Shaolin Integration Practices of Volume Three teaches the classics from the Shaolin Temple- namely, the Shaolin Tendon Changing Classic, the Shaolin Muscle Changing Classic, and the Shaolin Marrow Washing Classic.  These are the famous classics of the Shaloin Qi Gong tradition and are taught here in a clear and concise fashion with the beautiful backdrop of Big Sur, CA.

This level helps solidify the teachings of the previous two volumes and really speaks to the nature of mind and the essence of meditation.  Better titled, “Instruct-mentaries”, these DVDs are imbued with the wisdom and teachings of the masters who passed them down- all in good English.

Here’s the breakdown of the Qi Gong taught in this first volume:

1) Shaolin Tendon Changing Classic – this Qi Gong exercise teaches the student to imbue the tendons of the body with life breath, energy, and consciousness.  It helps extend our awareness to the far reaches of our fingers and our toes and enables us to become fully embodied. Breathing and stretching the vital energy into the tendons, theqigong set brings power and flexibility to our often fatigued bodies.

2) Shaolin Muscle Changing Classic– a powerful qigong set that helps pack and consolidate power into the muscles of the body.  The dynamic meditation practice of this system allows us to extend our power and awareness into the muscles which are our physical agents for action which is tied to karma.  Bridging into the Bodymind Shaolintraining here, this exercise puts us in the driver’s seat of our karmic consequences and helps us understand our central role in the Universe.  It also helps increase endurance and vitality by allowing us to surge energy through the muscles at will.

3) Shaolin Marrow Washing Classic – this elegant qigong practice helps us clear dirty and stagnant energy from our deepest levels and teaches us how to drink vitality from the Universe.  The bone marrow is the origin of blood production and this qigong teaches us how to revitalize the marrow and, thereby, increase the quality of the blood in our bodies. The free flow of blood and qi are essential aspects of great health.  Packing energy into the bone marrow gives us access to unlimited sources of energy and vitality.  Practiced long enough, this set activates the Light Body in a powerful way and makes the practitioner glow from the inside out.

4) Reverse Dantien Breathing– seldom taught to the public, this important and powerful technique teaches the student how to lock energy into the lower dantien and generate power.  This practice is the essence of the Iron Shirt Kung Fu practice and is incredibly powerful and liberating.  Vast stores of energy can be tapped into once learned correctly with this active meditation technique.