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The Alchemy of Qi Gong - Volume 2 - Shaolin Basics


This second DVD in the series teaches the fundamentals of the Shaolin Qi Gong system.  Considered a very YANG (or metabolically active) system, this Shaolin Qi Gong teaches students how to increase their vital qi energy and how to focus their power.  Inspired by the Zen master, Da Mo, this Qi Gong system generates a great deal of power and focus for the practitioner.

Qi Gong (qigong) translates as “energy work” and it is the fundamental yogic practice of China.  The systems taught in this DVD are derived from the Shaolin Temple and they are the inspiration for much of the Kung Fu that came out of it.

Those systems are taught in this Qi Gong DVD.

Here’s the breakdown of the Qi Gong taught in this volume:

1) Shaolin Seven Count Breathing – this is the Qi Gong set that teaches the fundamentals of energy flow as the focus and YANG current shifts from one hand to the other.  It helps liberate the YANG energy and opens up its warm flow throughout the meridians.  Perfect to do before exercise or martial arts training, this set wakes up and invigorates the body and focuses the mind.

2) Shaolin Basic Breathing Set – this set teaches the student how to set up theMicrocosmic Orbit and liberate the flow of energy through the primary meridians.  It helps focus the mind, guide the qi, and settle the energy into the lower dantien.  This set teaches the fundamental flow of the Conception and Governing Vessels while it draws energy from the interior to the palms- activating deep resources of vitality.

3) Shaolin Dynamic Stances – this powerful set is a bridge into the world of Kung Fu.  It trains the student’s legs, focus, and willpower.  These stances are hard work and they really help ground the energy for the practitioner.  Each stance liberates the qi flow along different meridians and activates the Light Body in a powerful way.  This qigong set is one of the most important practices that can be taught because most students come from outside the martial arts disciplines and do not have the strength and foundation to run energy correctly.  This powerful qigong set bridges that gap for them.

4) Shaolin Nine Count Breathing – there is so much talk about the “core” and the “powerhouse” in popular culture today but few know where this information originated.  The cultivation of the dantien is an essential qigong practice that has been taught for thousands of years.  Unfortunately, many have misread the classics and have allowed their lower abdominal muscles to become loose and flaccid.  This set teaches the fundamentals of strengthening and consolidating energy in the lower abdomen.  It helps built power in the dantien while strengthening to core muscles and creating a true connection with the real “powerhouse” which integrates muscles and energy flow.

5) Four Count Breathing Meditation– this essential Buddhist meditation practice is designed to teach the student how to calm their mind and focus their qi in their lowerdantien.  It is an extremely easy and powerful technique that helps the practitioner understand the dynamics to the mind and helps them ease into deeper meditation practice.  This technique is an essential skill one must learn in cultivating qi– namely calming the mind.