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The Alchemy of Qi Gong - Volume 1 - The Essential Health Practices


This first DVD comprehensively goes through a series of health practices that are designed to bring vitality back to the system. The easy-to-follow Qi Gong (qigong) systems taught here are designed to help the student liberate blocked energy and open up the vital flow of qienergy.

There are lessons from various lineages in this volume which are hand-picked to deliver the most comprehensive health Qi Gong teachings ever put on DVD.  The Tai Chi Ruler exercises are incredibly rare and hardly ever taught anymore.  They are designed to unblock stagnant energy and release and revitalize the student’s internal life force.

Here’s the breakdown of the Qi Gong taught in this first volume:

1) Silk Weaver’s Exercise – this Qi Gong set is Buddhist classic which is famous for its ability to liberate the qi energy and calm the mind.  It helps open and dilate the energy meridians and clears stagnant energy from one’s field.  Safe to do at any time, the Silk Weaver’s Exercise is designed to introduce Qi Gong (qigong) principles to the student and get them on their way. The health benefits of this practice are tremendous!

2) Tai Chi Ruler – Level One – this is a powerful Qi Gong exercise which is very YANG (or metabolically active) in nature.  It stimulates to vital flow of energy and gets the muscles and breath synced up with the energy flow.  Daily practice of this qigong set opens up the WEI QI (or defensive qi) of the body and revitalizes the brain and heart.  This practice is performed with an 11″ wand or “ruler” which is used throughout this exercise.

3) Tai Chi Ruler – Level Two – the YIN or softer complement to Level One mentioned above, this  relaxing Qi Gong set opens up the heart and softens the flow of reckless qiin the body.  The smooth-flowing elegant movements help cultivate SHEN (or spirit) which opens up intuitive awareness.  This qigong set relaxes the internal organs and revitalizes the Essence of the body.  It leads to enhanced meditation and a deep sense of peace.

4) Triple Burner Exercise – this static standing form is a classic methodology taught to students who are bridging into healing.  The ability to heal comes from our own connection with health and vitality.  This Qi Gong set teaches the student to visualize healing and to bring light and life force to various areas of the body.  This standing form of meditation is a critical skill students need to learn if they want to remain healthy in today’s toxic world.

5) Health Meditation – learning an active form of meditation is key in the healing process.  This set teaches us to gather, consolidate, and cleanse qi energy within our bodies.  Once you learn this exercise, you can always perform it wherever you are…at the bank, the store, or in the car.  It becomes a life skill that you carry with you daily.  Soft, passive qigong often looks like meditation but there are a number of things the student is cleaning and clearing in the process here!