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September 25, 2015

A Bold New Stance by the United Nations

The UN threw a gauntlet this weekend at their General Assembly. The goals are meant to guide development priorities around the globe over the next 15 years. Critics say it is too ambitious but I say, “hell yes”. This is the kind of thinking we need right now and the UN has stepped into a nice leadership position by being bold here.

Let’s look at the 17 points and tease this out.

1. End poverty in all its forms everywhere.

This is one is ambitious and awesome. The target is to have no one living in extreme poverty — less than $1.25 (US) a day (anywhere) by the year 2030.

2. End hunger, achieve food security and [...]

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May 30, 2015

Commentary: Are Food Forests Our New Future Food Source?

Think foraging is only reserved for people like Bear Grylls or extreme outdoorsy types? Turns out it’s coming to a city near you.

Food forests are something like a community garden combined with a public park. They offer a nice place to spend time, but also are home to a ton of fruit-bearing trees and plants.

The key difference is that eventually these forests will be self-sustaining and won’t require any maintenance. This of course takes time, but several areas have already started getting the ball rolling.

The Beacon Food Forest in Seattle is already well underway in creating a space where members can freely forage in a lush edible forest. It is seven acres and [...]

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January 31, 2015

Start Your Own Urban Farm

One way to get the most out of your house, condo or apartment and eat better while doing it is to start your own fruit and vegetable garden. Scott Murray has some advice.

Murray is an organic farmer, sustainable development consultant and co-owner of Edge of Urban Farm in San Diego County. His current project is the restoration and development of a 250-acre historic farm owned by the county. On the site, his 15-acre organic farm feeds a neighboring boarding school and supplies local Whole Foods Markets with fruits and vegetables.

Murray says, “Eating is really the only solution” to much of what ails us these days. Eating right, that is. No fad diets with unbalanced or [...]

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January 21, 2013

The Green Feast at The Ecology Center: Showcase of Organic Farming and Gardening Practices

Organic food is making is way into every community in the US. Sustainable organic farming and gardening practices have moved from something others do to a way of life for all of us. Whether we keep a few fruit trees in our yard or a tomato plant in the terrace of our apartment, we all have access to the ritual of growing our own food. This latest Well.Org webisode is a celebration of this.

We had a chance to hang with Evan Marks of The Ecology Center of San Juan Capistrano. Evan converted this property into an educational mecca for organic gardening. They teach the community how to plant, grow, harvest, and tend to the soil. Why? Because local slow food is the future. The [...]

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