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November 1, 2015

Humans are like reckless teenagers??? Well, yes.

I had the privilege of interviewing Duane Elgin on the show last week. He’s sat on Presidential councils and is a leading voice globally around the subject of our collective future. He’s awesome.

A topic that came up is one that I found quite compelling. The assertion is that humanity is now in its adolescent stage. Most people in the progressive health, green, and conscious capital movements are trying to have “adult” conversations with a culture that can’t quite hear it yet. That’s a problem since the icebergs are melting and the population is growing rapidly. In fact, Duane mentions that a modern urban planning nightmare lies in planning [...]

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October 24, 2015

Modern Day Cave Monk Shows us a Life of Art and Peace

For 25 years, Ra Paulette has been silently digging caves in the high desert of New Mexico. Accompanied by his dog, he’s been building caverns with pick axes, shovels, and just a few hand tools. He works for $12 an hour and has been commissioned by landowners over the decades. His work is amazing and his attitude is super cool. He’s a zen cave artist who’s dedicated to his craft. He doesn’t call himself that, however, because he’s too busy just being cool. Check out this video and enjoy!

How amazing is this? People can actually live in these things. It reminds me of the work of Gaudi or the ancient dwellers of Petra in Jordan.

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September 25, 2015

A Bold New Stance by the United Nations

The UN threw a gauntlet this weekend at their General Assembly. The goals are meant to guide development priorities around the globe over the next 15 years. Critics say it is too ambitious but I say, “hell yes”. This is the kind of thinking we need right now and the UN has stepped into a nice leadership position by being bold here.

Let’s look at the 17 points and tease this out.

1. End poverty in all its forms everywhere.

This is one is ambitious and awesome. The target is to have no one living in extreme poverty — less than $1.25 (US) a day (anywhere) by the year 2030.

2. End hunger, achieve food security and [...]

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May 2, 2015

Commentary: A Step In the Right Direction to Bridging the Food Gap

When you eat unhealthy, processed foods lacking nutrition – say a doughnut – everything seems great at first… But then, your brain gets foggy, energy levels dip and your motivation is zapped as your body deals with what you’ve just supplied it. When these foods become the staple of your diet, they can lead to obesity and disease. Most of us that take an active role in improving our health and overall wellness recognize that nutritious foods are the start to any plan to live with more vitality.

Unfortunately, there’s millions of Americans who don’t even have the option to make a choice toward a nutritious diet due to limited access to these foods. This report from the United [...]

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