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September 20, 2016

Reclaiming Your Power

Kung Fu Grandmaster:

Dr Carl Totton is very unique. He’s a Kung Fu Grandmaster in a number of styles and he’s also a PhD in Psychology and in Education. He has been around the block with patients with mental illness and there’s nowhere he is afraid of going. Lately, I’ve been covering the topic of “facing the shadow” with my Urban Monk Academy students. As we start to do personal work and get out of our own way, things come up that may be uncomfortable, shameful, or just down-right unbearable. That’s normal. Carl Jung spoke frequently of the unconscious and, today, there’s so much we’ve swept under the rug that are shadows [...]

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August 24, 2016

Dying To Wake Up

We’re talking Near Death Experiences

Not something we usually talk about on the Heath Bridge. But when you have a cardiac anesthesiologist who’s written about his own personal experience, you gotta dive in. Dr. Rajiv Parti is a world renowned specialist in pain management and had heard about these “near death experiences” before , even from his own cardiac patients, but never really paid attention to it because it was too far out. But when he had to have an emergency surgery himself back in 2008, everything changed.

He describes his out-of-body experience as going through different realms where at one point, he was floating above himself and heard [...]

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August 24, 2016

Tips For A Healthy Brain

Changing your brain in a positive way

Really lucky to have Dr. Daniel Amen on the show who the Washing Post called  “the most popular psychiatrist in America”. He has multiple best selling books and has re-released his last book Change Your Brain, Change Your Life. Daniel points out the obvious news that of course we can do lots of things to hurt our brain like mold exposure, alcoholism, smoking a lot of marijuana, to playing football.  

But some cool news that he’s discovered over his 20 plus years in studying the brain that can improve brain health are 3 things. He says caring about your brain is huge. Love your brain and stop [...]

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March 18, 2016

Set Your Brain Straight – New Tech Meets Traditional Meditation

Bill Harris is an old-school meditator who started messing around with sound tones in the 1980’s and got hooked. He and his friends were able to experience profound blissed out states and knew they were onto something. This led to a lifelong study of brainwaves, neurofeedback, and anything else helped inform what was happening in the heads of meditators.

I got a chance to geek out with Bill in this Urban Monk interview. We dig into the science of brain waves patterns and how they are related to our consciousness.


Here are the show notes from the interview:



Hey, welcome back to “The Urban Monk,” [...]

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