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September 22, 2016

Facts About the Human Microbiome

Metagenomic Testing

We are learning that there are more microbes out there in the world than we ever though could be possible. And Robert Rountree who does a lot of work for the Institute for Functional Medicine is one of the experts lifting the veil off of this topic and finding that we are swimming in them. There are organisms out there that we never even knew existed and finding out that they can do some very special things for our environment and our health.

And one really big step forward is metagenomic testing which gets down to the genetic expression of a strain of bacteria. There used to be the understanding that E.coli stood for bad bacteria because it [...]

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September 21, 2016

Health Benefits Of Fungi

  We Come From Mushrooms

Say what? According to Tero Isokauppila, an expert in the world of all things mushroom. Tero is from Finland and grew up on the  organic family farm that’s in it’s 13th generation. He says that about 10 years ago scientists figured out that we actually come from mushrooms, not plants. About 1.3 billion years ago mushrooms came from the sea and were the first things to come to dry land. So these mushrooms were living beings that were eating rocks and creating soil. We as humans are part of the same super kingdom because they breathe oxygen like we do and expel Co2.

Most cultures originally were mushroom friendly, but then some [...]

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August 24, 2016

Tips For A Healthy Brain

Changing your brain in a positive way

Really lucky to have Dr. Daniel Amen on the show who the Washing Post called  “the most popular psychiatrist in America”. He has multiple best selling books and has re-released his last book Change Your Brain, Change Your Life. Daniel points out the obvious news that of course we can do lots of things to hurt our brain like mold exposure, alcoholism, smoking a lot of marijuana, to playing football.  

But some cool news that he’s discovered over his 20 plus years in studying the brain that can improve brain health are 3 things. He says caring about your brain is huge. Love your brain and stop [...]

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August 22, 2016

Global Outreach Doctors, Helping Those Most In Need.

Getting up and doing Something

Really a privilege to have Dr. Andrew Lustig on today who is out there in poverty stricken areas helping to make the world a better place with his company Global Outreach Doctors. These dedicated medical volunteers are using Eastern and Western medicine in all corners of the world that have seen disasters and suffer from severe poverty. Dr. Lustig left the corporate world and became a naturopath doctor so he could be more involved in making a difference instead of just being a bystander. 

And the really cool thing that he’s doing in all of these countries that is different from a lot of the humanitarian organizations is getting [...]

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