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September 22, 2016

Facts About the Human Microbiome

Metagenomic Testing

We are learning that there are more microbes out there in the world than we ever though could be possible. And Robert Rountree who does a lot of work for the Institute for Functional Medicine is one of the experts lifting the veil off of this topic and finding that we are swimming in them. There are organisms out there that we never even knew existed and finding out that they can do some very special things for our environment and our health.

And one really big step forward is metagenomic testing which gets down to the genetic expression of a strain of bacteria. There used to be the understanding that E.coli stood for bad bacteria because it [...]

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September 21, 2016

Health Benefits Of Fungi

  We Come From Mushrooms

Say what? According to Tero Isokauppila, an expert in the world of all things mushroom. Tero is from Finland and grew up on the  organic family farm that’s in it’s 13th generation. He says that about 10 years ago scientists figured out that we actually come from mushrooms, not plants. About 1.3 billion years ago mushrooms came from the sea and were the first things to come to dry land. So these mushrooms were living beings that were eating rocks and creating soil. We as humans are part of the same super kingdom because they breathe oxygen like we do and expel Co2.

Most cultures originally were mushroom friendly, but then some [...]

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September 20, 2016

Turning Garbage Into Energy

Overflowing Landfills

Sara El Yafi grew up in Lebanon. Its a tiny country (the size of Connecticut) with 6.5 million people and very little useable land. For years, people would come by and pick up the garbage and nobody thought anything of it. Then things changed.

It turns out, the company that had the contract to take the trash away was stuffing trash into an already-full landfill for several years after it was supposed to be closed and capped off. There was no room so why pick up trash if you’ve got nowhere to put it?

The result– stinky streets and pissed off residents.

The Solution:

Sara, he granddaughter of one of Lebanon’s [...]

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August 23, 2016

Getting Kids To Eat Veggies

Advertising is tricking our kids

If you have young kids and you let them catch some cartoons so you can get things done around the house, you’ve most likely seen how commercials tell our kids everything that they need. From toys to Lucky Charms, Madison Avenue knows what it’s doing. And my guest today, Dr Drew Hanks has done some really interesting research behind how our kids make less nutritional choices because of all the advertising that’s out there. He’s a behavioral economist who focuses on consumer food choice and eating and the economic and psychological factors that influence these decisions.

Dr. Hanks says that his research and [...]

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