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September 20, 2016

Reclaiming Your Power

Kung Fu Grandmaster:

Dr Carl Totton is very unique. He’s a Kung Fu Grandmaster in a number of styles and he’s also a PhD in Psychology and in Education. He has been around the block with patients with mental illness and there’s nowhere he is afraid of going. Lately, I’ve been covering the topic of “facing the shadow” with my Urban Monk Academy students. As we start to do personal work and get out of our own way, things come up that may be uncomfortable, shameful, or just down-right unbearable. That’s normal. Carl Jung spoke frequently of the unconscious and, today, there’s so much we’ve swept under the rug that are shadows [...]

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October 8, 2012

Kung Fu: Learning the Essence of the Martial Arts and the Way of Peace

I had the honor of getting some time in with Grandmaster Carl Totton a few months back. Recently inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame, he has been actively studying the arts with the Who’s Who of the craft for over 50 years. I personally have studied Kung Fu with him for over a decade now and was excited to get an opportunity to get some of his wisdom on film. He’s got a great way of kicking down wisdom and telling it like it is, and for anyone out there who may enjoy seeing me get my a%s kicked, well, this is your chance. Ouch.

Kung Fu is an ancient Chinese martial art that has a number of schools of thought, many of which have competed for superiority over [...]

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